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SankakuComplex 28 mins. ago

European Union Proposing Online “Hate Speech” Laws
A leaked document suggests that the European Union plans to further control the expression of ideas with an EU-wide law to tackle “hate speech” on all digital platforms. A document that was allegedly leaked from the European Commission seems to show a proposal for a new European law regarding online “hate speech”. The law is […]


    SankakuComplex 2 hrs. 28 mins. ago

    Persona 5 The Royal Trailer All About Hot Hacker Futaba
    Meganekko otaku Futaba Sakura has starred in the latest Persona 5 The Royal trailer, the woman demonstrating her formidable combat prowess as she takes part in a group attack against shadows. Persona 5 The Royal’s newest trailer has focused on ginger-haired meganekko Futaba Sakura, as the pettanko hacker can be seen interacting with Kasumi Yoshizawa, […]


      SankakuComplex 4 hrs. 28 mins. ago

      Super Robot Wars Franchise Finally Heading to the PC
      The official Twitter account for the Super Robot Wars franchise has announced the series will finally be making a move to the PC via Steam. The tweet mentions that Super Robot Wars X and Super Robot Wars V will be heading to not only the PC but also the Nintendo Switch: Bandai Namco will reveal […]


        SankakuComplex 6 hrs. 28 mins. ago

        Iconic One Piece Chapter Redrawn by Dr. Stone Artist Boichi
        Boichi, an artist known for illustrating Dr. Stone and Sun-Ken Rock, has redrawn a fondly remembered chapter from Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece in his own style, sure to leave fans yearning for more chapters from the distinct creator. The redrawn chapter is part of a new project for the One Piece franchise called the “Cover […]


          SankakuComplex 8 hrs. 28 mins. ago

          Project QT Brimming With Amorous Maidens
          An erotic game set in the distant future that can be enjoyed from the comfort of the player’s palm has arrived to bolster Nutaku‘s library of titles, with Project QT tasking players with solving over 80+ match-3 puzzle stages to unlock 50+ beautifully animated H-scenes. A quote from the developer: “We are a Hong Kong […]


            SankakuComplex 10 hrs. 28 mins. ago

            Resetera at It Again: Rallying to Remove VA From Fire Emblem: Three Houses
            Resetera has continued its hunt to destroy the lives and careers of those that do things they find reprehensible, this time targeting Chris Niosi, who plays the role of the main protagonist (male version) in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Expecting Nintendo to be fully aware of the social media history and potential controversies surrounding their […]


              SankakuComplex 12 hrs. 28 mins. ago

              Digimon Survive OP Impressively Animated
              Digimon fans desperate for new monster collecting content for the beloved franchise can look forward to Digimon Survive, an impending title that recently divulged its beautifully animated OP sequence to build anticipation and provide observers with the game’s basic premise. Originally shown at Anime Expo 2019, the opening (which comes with English subtitles) has the […]


                SankakuComplex 14 hrs. 28 mins. ago

                Omega Labyrinth Life Squeezes It Between Breasts
                Omega Labyrinth Life has attempted to stir up attention for the breast expanding roguelike’s nearing release with new footage that focuses on the game’s appraisal system, which involves the girls rubbing objects between their breasts to identify them. The highly lewd new trailer that even has fairy girls Nemu and Pai getting involved (and likely […]


                  SankakuComplex 16 hrs. 28 mins. ago

                  Tentacles & Magical Girl Mana Ero-Figure Tightly Restrained
                  Perverts who are easily enamored by the sight of a magical girl being violated against her will might be appreciative of this Tentacles & Magical Girl Mana ero-figure, as the poor woman is at the mercy of some gruesomely invasive tentacles – the lecherous figurine ships out this October. The Tentacles & Magical Girl Mana […]


                    SankakuComplex 18 hrs. 28 mins. ago

                    Cop Craft Hits the Club
                    Cop Craft‘s adorable sidekick Tilarna has slipped into some cute “casual” clothes in order to infiltrate a night club, leading to some rather wild dancing and fight scenes; Tilarna, however, will likely be the most adored element of the episode. Omake:


                      SankakuComplex 20 hrs. 28 mins. ago

                      Kawaiikereba Hentai Maid to Pleasure
                      The romcom chaos of Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka? has advanced into sexier aspects in the show’s latest episode as the well-endowed Sayuki has dressed in a saucy maid outfit, some brief stocking stripping and foot action also making an appearance for variety’s sake. Omake:


                        SankakuComplex 22 hrs. 28 mins. ago

                        Azur Lane Anime to Debut in October
                        It has recently been announced that the upcoming anime adaptation of Azur Lane will be released this autumn. Many boat girl fans will no doubt be delighted to hear that the anime adaptation of Chinese Kantai Collection tribute game Azur Lane is to be broadcast this year. According to the official Twitter account, the show […]


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                          Dragon21 hrs. 29 mins. ago




                        SankakuComplex 1 day 0 hrs. ago

                        Code Geass Crew Looking to Wreak Havoc in SINoALICE
                        A new PV that has surfaced for the Code Geass and SINoALICE collaboration briefly showed off the costumes that the Code Geass characters will be wearing in-game, bound to have players rather satisfied whilst others might instead be more eager for further anime seasons and films. The new PV contained some familiar faces and voices […]


                          SankakuComplex 1 day 2 hrs. ago

                          Touhou Lost Word Smartphone RPG Revealed for Japan
                          A new smartphone Touhou spin-off RPG has been announced by Good Smile Company and NextNinja. The new Touhou title, while officially licensed, will not be canonical to the storylines of previously established games made by ZUN. More information about the title and its pre-registration campaign from an official press release: “Touhou LostWord is a new […]


                            SankakuComplex 1 day 4 hrs. ago

                            Rockman X DiVE Announcement Rather Divisive
                            The reveal of Rockman X DiVE for smartphones by Capcom Taiwan has divided a portion of the Mega Man X fanbase whilst dashing the hopes of others. The new iOS and Android mobile game by Capcom, which is aimed at the Asian market, is an action game that seems to control similarly to titles in the […]


                              SankakuComplex 1 day 6 hrs. ago

                              Artist Hot Melon Also Serving up Some Tasty Buns
                              Despite their moniker, the talented Hot Melon does not focus entirely on breasts as a plethora of inviting anime girls can be observed doing naughty things at their whim, a power that any person likely wishes they could possess for themselves. The artist naturally makes use of numerous different anime and video game girls, appealing […]


                                SankakuComplex 1 day 8 hrs. ago

                                KyoAni Arsonist Was Mentally Ill, Annoyed Neighbors With Game Music
                                The criminal who set Kyoto Animation’s studio ablaze has been discovered to have robbed a store in the past and was undergoing treatment for mental health issues – he was also annoying his neighbors with what was described to sound like “anime or game music”. Claiming that he started the fire because Kyoto Animation “stole […]


                                  SankakuComplex 1 day 10 hrs. ago

                                  Remilia’s Hell Rapes the Girl Beyond Recognition
                                  Another of @OZ’s past works have become available for purchase, with the extensively titled “Remilia’s Hell – Violation and Destruction of Her Weak Points” serving as yet another Touhou parody where innocent vampire Remilia is repetitively ravaged by monstrous entities. Attacked by lesser vampires, the poor Remilia suffers their wrath and lust and is even […]


                                    SankakuComplex 1 day 12 hrs. ago

                                    Akutsu Mao Will Entrance Any Potent Male
                                    Race queen and Japanese talent Akutsu Mao does not hold back when it comes to taking advantage of Twitter to show off her magnificent curves, as she frequently posts both videos and photos to mesmerize her fans and potentially transform them into consumers. All sorts of videos and tantalizing photographs are present on the girl’s […]


                                      SankakuComplex 1 day 14 hrs. ago

                                      KyoAni Fire Victims “May Take a Week to Identify”
                                      It has been announced that it may take as long as a week to identify the victims of the Kyoto Animation arson attack. Japanese broadcaster NHK has claimed that police have said it may take a week to identify victims of the fire at the Kyoto Animation studio, with DNA testing being required in many […]


                                        SankakuComplex 1 day 16 hrs. ago

                                        KyoAni President Plans to Demolish Studio, Build Public Park
                                        Kyoto Animation President Hideaki Hatta has said that he plans to demolish the studio that was burnt down in the arson attack several days ago, building a public park in its place alongside a monument. Hideaki Hatta recently told Japanese media that he wishes to spare neighbors and his surviving staff from the “gruesome sight” […]


                                          SankakuComplex 1 day 18 hrs. ago

                                          China Doctor Dies After Sampling Own Deadly Medicine
                                          A China doctor who issued a woman medicine that gave her nausea and blurred vision ingested some himself to “prove his innocence”, only to eventually succumb to his own folk remedy. The orthopedic Guangdong clinic provided the Chinese woman with a powdered medication to help relieve her back pain, only for her to immediately start […]


                                            SankakuComplex 1 day 20 hrs. ago

                                            Taimanin Yukikaze 2 Animation Escalates the Perversion
                                            Eroge enthusiasts who were thoroughly enthused by Taimanin Yukikaze 2 may find the upcoming “animated” version to be improved on a massive scale, as the new iteration of the erotic visual novel forcefully thrusts some adeptly crafted animations into the sex scenes. The official website sampled a minute’s worth of animations, all of which promise […]


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                                              Dragon1 day 15 hrs. ago


                                            SankakuComplex 1 day 22 hrs. ago

                                            Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou Goes up Against the Wall
                                            More adulthood bonding has occurred in Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi as the show’s main couple enjoyed another secret sexual encounter, this time doing their business in front of one of their friends whilst concealed by a wall. Omake:


                                              SankakuComplex 2 days ago

                                              Inuyama Aoi & Ebisuzawa Kurumi Slip into Swimsuits for Kirara Fantasia
                                              Smartphone game Kirara Fantasia has reveled in the summer heat as yet more collectible maidens have attained swimsuit transformations, the desirable Inuyama Aoi from Yuru Camp and Ebisuzawa Kurumi of Gakkou Gurashi being additions that players will desperately want to recruit into their growing roster of dangerous girls. Inuyama Aoi can be seen in her […]


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