About Us Your centralized source for everything anime and manga.

Naruho.do’s main concept is based on our understanding of the needs that anime and manga fans have. We have adapted our focus in order to bring forward a service that helps you keep in touch with this world. Instead of having to browse to many different web sites in order to get all the information you need, we will provide you with an environment with the necessary tools so that information gets to you. Using data you provide to us (like which anime and manga you like) in conjuncion with registered accounts on other web sites (Crunchyroll, MyAnimeList, Anime News Network, Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages), at Naruho.do you will have a personalized feed which you can check daily. If you include your friends in the formula, then we can track their movements around the Web and show them in your feeds.

These are the features available in this beta:

- Feeds:
Our main focus are the feeds. In this first stage you will be able to create text messages with images and video. You can comment on these messages, share them or mark them as favorite.

- Encyclopedia:
An encyclopeida primarily focused on keeping you up to date with anime relevat to you, and linking to informtion on other existing encyclopedias.

- Anime and Manga Lists:
Organize the series you are watching or reading. Initially it will be a simple managable list. Our goal is to link and synchronize your lists with other existing similar services and that these changes are reflected on your friends feeds. You can now know what each of your friends is watching or reading!

What is our next focus with Naruho.do?
We will keep working with the basic necessary function to meet our objectives with the service.

Why is Naruho.do in english?
The service will be multilingual. For now we will only be able to offer the service in english and spanish.