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Simple y elegante

Nowadays there’s so much information within anime and social networks sites, yet each one is trying to serve as an island, trying to be everything for the user. What we’re looking for is to simplify the lives of our users, working efficiently with all this information to offer them an elegant feed and notification system on their own screens.


Don’t bother looking for new anime to watch or new manga to read, all this information will be in your hands at the very same moment that it becomes available.

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Go to #naruhodo to stay updated about everything related to anime and manga without effort.@naruhodo

News Feeds

¡No vayas de una página a otra! Todas las notificaciones de tus páginas de anime y manga favoritas están en un solo lugar. Además, podrás conseguir nuevos amigos con intereses en común.

Synchronize your anime and manga lists

A list that connects with other sites to overview all the updates in one place.

Naruhodo, simply what you need.

Anime & Manga Encyclopedia.

Full of information about anime and manga series. It also links with other encyclopedias so you don’t miss on anything.

Reviews of your favorite series.

Read what others have to say about that anime series you really like or really hate. It’s always good to have another perspective.

Socialize with other fans!

Follow, befriend and share with other users! Peer their anime and manga lists to know what they are watching or reading at the moment.'

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