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ivaannoom 2019-11-16

El volumen sale el día 19 y ya consiguieron el epub del volumen 14 xDDD



Translation by sypro

And here's the confession snippet from chapter 9. The context before it is, Yukino calls Hachiman out to the wood terrace (at the prom avenue) after he dances a little bit with Shiratsuka.

>"There's still more? Isn't that enough? Please?"
>Fed up with her increasing demands, Yukinoshita took one step closer, wearing a docile expression.
>"No, there's just one last thing I wanted to tell you in advance."
>She started off, and moved her glance away from me, and lightly coughed.
>Only moments ago was she barking orders, but now, she was pursing her lips, only the sounds of breathing whenever it looked like it was about to open, as she tightly squeezed the stack of papers at her chest.
>She gradually lifted her eyes from her feet and looked at me straight-on with her beautiful eyes. Though in whisper, she distinctly stated her words to me.
>"Hikigaya-kun, I love you."
>I froze in place from her sudden surprise confession, and Yukinoshita smiled abashedly. She quickly hid her cherry-dyed cheeks with the stack of papers in her hand, with brief upward glances in my direction, as if trying to see what my reaction was. But unable to withstand the stifling silence, she took a step back.
>And without waiting for me to even respond, she quickly took off.
>Wait, you serious? Man, she's such a pain in the ass.
>If you just leave like that, how am I supposed to give you my reply? Are you saying I have to tell you formally at another time? Now, that's just painful. Seriously, what a pain in the ass.
>...But, as much of a pain in the ass that she is, she is just so damn cute.


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